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Geoff Tennant: Walking the Talk

Geoff in Action

See some pictures below of Geoff at work in various different context, along with the results of the classes he teaches.


I first interacted with Dr. Geoff Tennant during the time of interviews for the intake of Master's degree students of Aga Khan University in East Africa. I was impressed by the way Dr. Geoff Tennant blended Mathematical concept of factorizing number 12 with Music and movement. Later, Dr. Geoff became my professor at the Aga Khan University, Institute of Educational Development-East Africa (AKU, IED-EA) where he was very instrumental in supervising my research project. In fact Dr. Geoff Tennant developed in me a passion for research which was a threat to me. What amazed me was the ease with which he took over supervising my research project after my initial supervisor became ill before the end of the project. The professional guidance Dr. Geoff offered, his strict time management and his passion to do work, coupled with his love for God helped me and the cohort under his supervision to perform excellently. Dr. Geoff Tennant, just knows that you have left a legacy in my life.

Thank you for your selflessness and may our God of goodwill continue to protect you wherever you will be rendering service to mankind.

Best regards,

Angucia Holdah

Deputy Principal

Erepi Primary Teachers’ College

Moyo District


I worked with Geoff in his capacity as Course Leader for the Mathematics Post Graduate Certificate in Education (PGCE) and for the Subject Knowledge Enhancement (SKE) course in Mathematics. Geoff led the SKE course from its inception. He contributed to the initial bid to secure the allocation of places and funds from the Training and Development Agency, he designed the course and wrote the programme specification. He led and managed the teaching team, ensuring they had the professional development necessary to maintain the highest standards of teaching.

Geoff taught on the course, with all that that entails- preparing classroom-based teaching and out of classroom learning experiences for students, assessing students formatively and summatively, creating appropriate course documentation and resources and materials to support teaching and student learning. Geoff worked hard to ensure that the course equipped students with the requisite knowledge and skills to progress onto the PGCE course.

Geoff is a teacher of the highest calibre, always striving for the highest standards in his teaching and always listening to, acting on, and responding to feedback from students.

- Dr Elizabeth McCrum, Teaching and Learning Dean, University of Reading

Geoff and I worked together on a voluntary basis as part of a team of musicians serving in a large church with a congregation of around 400 people of all ages. For around four years he was part of several music groups in a variety of contexts, in a leadership role and as part of a team under a leader.

As the coordinator of one of the groups he was involved in I found Geoff extremely reliable, punctual and an excellent supporter of the team and of me as a leader. As an accomplished pianist and organist he was a flexible member of the team with a pragmatic and 'can do' attitude. His skill set also enabled him to take charge of several large scale Christmas carol services where he recruited and trained choirs of around 40 people. For these occasions he was required to lead and coordinate the choir along with orchestral musicians and a rock style band. He was a popular choirmaster and was clearly able to get people of diverse ages, skills and outlook.

- Kate Burns, Head of Strings and Orchestras, Loughborough Endowed Schools, Musician, Holy Trinity Church, Leicester

My duties at the Aga Khan University (AKU) include responsibility for student admissions, academic records, graduation and alumni for all of the University’s programmes in Pakistan, Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda and the UK. In my experience, given the diverse nature of a multi-campus institution, it is essential for such a university to have a strong individual who is intimately involved with the management of the programme of study. For the past 4 ½ years, I have had the pleasure of working with Dr Geoff Tennant as the principal liaison between the Registrar’s Office and the Master of Education programme in East Africa. Geoff’s work included strong programme management on all fronts – from concept through the necessary academic governance requirements to the advertising, admission and graduation of a new programme. This, in my experience, is no small task or accomplishment; it requires a keen sense of purpose and a goal-oriented philosophy.

In bringing about results, it is my experience that Geoff is able to quickly assess the needs and relevant challenges for bringing a project to a successful implementation. Additionally, as a member of AKU’s Board of Graduate Studies and Academic Council, he was able to lend his expertise and assistance to other University programmes by providing clear and concise advice on how programme improvements could be made.

I would be happy to provide further information if required.

- Lou Ariano, Registrar, Aga Khan University

Dr Geoff Tennant was my mentor through my initial teacher training programme. It was primarily due to Geoff that I gained my passion for developing as a teacher, as well as working to develop other teachers. Geoff’s blend of practical advice and sound research base was invaluable in my early development and the opportunities he afforded me to work with trainee teachers during the first years of my career are a huge part of what has enabled me to become an accredited lead of teachers’ professional development in my own right. As new teachers Geoff was able to support us in perfecting an excellent mix applied classroom skills and approaches to developing mathematical understanding. Geoff is an excellent practitioner in the use of hardware and software for developing teaching and learning; I remember well the sessions where we perfected our use of interactive technologies and applications for demonstrating and exploring geometrical and graphical relationships. These sessions, coupled with sessions exploring the fundamental concepts of secondary mathematics ensured that myself and my cohort were excellently prepared for the rigours of the classroom.

- Pete Mattock, Director of Learning for Mathematics and Numeracy, Brockington College.

I am glad to endorse Dr Geoff Tennant who is an assistant professor in the disciplines of education and mathematics. My encounter with him started at The Aga Khan University, Institute for Educational Development, Dar es Salaam, where I was a student and a student academic representative in 2016. In the course of carrying out my responsibilities, Dr Geoff was the focal person whom I contacted on a daily basis in his position as Provost on students’ academic issues and general welfare. Dr Geoff is an ardent listener, proactive and honest person.

In addition, Dr Geoff was my instructor in Teaching, Learning and Assessment (TLA) and Gender in Education. He is an excellent time manager who plans his classroom environment prior to his lectures. One thing I liked about Dr Geoff is time management. His lectures are delivered in a clear, effective and logical manner with varied icebreakers, case studies and teaching methods that invoke students’ focus. This clearly shows that he plans 

his lectures.

His lectures were both stimulating and challenging coupled with effective descriptive feedback. His valuable advice on academic writing, especially on plagiarism, improved my essays and critical skills immensely.

I strongly recommend Dr Geoff to people for any consultancy in matters of leadership, teaching, assessment and mathematics.

- John Robert Akwang, Semu M. Muwanguzi Memorial Secondary School, Luwero, Uganda

Even prior to moving to Dar es Salaam, Tanzania to take up my new faculty position at the Aga Khan University-Institute for Educational Development, East Africa, Dr. Geoff Tennant was offering assistance in any way he could to make this major international move go as smoothly as possible. Geoff’s extensive knowledge of the local East African context – from obtaining a phone number to banking to finding a home - was invaluable to me, and his regular correspondence and standing offer to assist in any way he could was much appreciated as I stumbled amongst the many challenges of packing up life in Canada and moving to Africa. Once I arrived, Geoff proved to be an excellent colleague. As Program Head of the Master of Education program, Geoff was an excellent leader: he respected and showed appreciation for the faculty members’ strengths and accomplishments, whilst also able to offer guidance and constructive feedback to support their professional development; he met pressing (at times, seemingly impossible!) internal and external deadlines; possessed a strong vision of an outstanding MA program and brought about significant changes that improved the content, structure, administration, and quality of the program. In addition, Geoff was centrally involved with the oversight and delivery of many project-based teacher education programs and projects throughout East Africa, and held a position of responsibility with respect to their timely and satisfactory delivery, as well as overall accountability to funders in terms of assessment and budget maintenance. Mathematics education is Geoff’s area of specialization, although Geoff also demonstrated expertise in a range of other subject areas, such as Science Education, Technology Education, English, and Gender Studies. Geoff is a compassionate and considerate individual - never too busy to give time to others, he is always ready to problem-solve to find a way to work through challenging situations (as he did with me several times), he is unflaggingly reliable and supportive, and extremely dedicated to his work as an educator. And, importantly, Geoff brings to his work good-natured humour and light-heartedness that set a tone of ease and conviviality in the work context.

- Dr. Shelley Jones, Royal Roads University, Victoria, Canada

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